Dear New Families,

Those of us who have been here for a while tend to take things for granted, they become “old hat” for us and we think everyone knows what we know.  The purpose of this letter is to orient you to some of those “old hat “ things.

The School Directory

The directory is made available to you as a handy and helpful reference.  It includes listings of each grade, teacher e-mail addresses, teacher extension numbers, room parents, family information, PTO contacts and business listings.  We ask you to keep this directory in a safe place and to supervise its access by your children to avoid any misuse of the information.  The directory is not distributed outside of SJRS.


Your children will be paired up with a “buddy” from a different grade, for example Kindergarteners are paired up with 7th graders, 1st graders are paired up with 8th graders, etc.  When the children go to Mass they go with their buddies (and of course their teachers).  They get together for different celebrations (Christmas, Easter, etc).  It’s a way to encourage responsibility, compassion, patience, and friendship in our children.

Room Parents

Each grade has at least two room parents.  A room parent is a parent who volunteers to assist the teacher in coordinating items needed for class celebrations, chaperones for field trips, volunteers for PTO related events, etc.

Lunch/Milk Tickets

The tickets are sold every Friday (and only on Friday) in the school by the library.  If we do not have school on Friday they are sold on the last day of that week.

Popcorn Friday

On the 3rd Friday of the month the children are able to purchase a bag of popcorn for a quarter.  (The children really enjoy this event)

Used Uniform Sale

The PTO sponsors a used uniform sale once or twice a year.  You may donate old uniforms for the sale or we can sell them for you.

Inclement weather

If the temperature falls below ten degrees the children go right in to school in the morning, they do not stay on the playground until the bell rings.  Also if it is raining they will go right in to school. Delayed opening or school cancellations are listed on the WMUR website. Parents are also sent an email to notify them of these types of changes.

Advent & Spring Concerts

Children wear their Sunday best and need to be in their classrooms at 6:00pm.  The concert begins at 6:30pm in the Church.  The front pews and prime parking spaces are auctioned off at the school’s Annual Auction.

Magazine Drive/Auction/Spell-A-Thon/Walk-a-thon

The school is required by the Diocese to raise a certain percentage of its operating costs through fund raising. These are some of our fund raising events.

Thank you,

St. John Regional School