St. John Regional School offers a rigorous curriculum using continually updated textbooks and materials. We provide our students with a strong foundation in the following areas:

Art – Each student is challenged to his or her potential with our artists frequently recognized in the community and on the state level.

Computer Technology – We put computers into the hands of our students
to support the various academic disciplines.

Math – Our Math program focuses on student success through incremental development and continued review emphasizing both concepts and basic operations. Our eighth graders all pursue Algebra.

Music – Students learn the fundamentals of music and produce several
concerts during the year.

Physical Education – Students experience a variety of physical activities and learn how to work as members of a team.

Public Speaking – Each student is challenged to express his or her ideas in front of others, both in small groups and large groups.

Reading – Our students develop through early and comprehensive phonics
instruction, with upper grades emphasizing a mastery of in-depth understanding and use of literary genres.

Religion – We provide a firm foundation in the Catholic Faith in terms
of knowledge and spiritual experiences.

Science – Each student learns the fundamentals of  Science with
hands-on experiments, microscopes & field trips.

Social Studies – We emphasize on a better understanding of world
cultures and a fuller realization of American History and Government.

Spanish – Beginning in kindergarten and culminating in substantial classwork for our sixth through eighth graders the goal is for student to  master the basics of the language as speakers, listeners, readers and writers.

Vocabulary – We utilize the Sadlier program to expand our students word power, incrementally.

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