Our School House is where our students spend most of their learning time. Along with classrooms for all grades, the School House contains our library,  dining hall, administrative offices, and is equipped with a strong security system.

Students learn in a traditional classroom but the setup and walls are decorated with activities and students’ works that encourage learning, creativity, and self-expression.

Our library, located in the center of our School House, contains a wide collection of children through young-adult books along with other media resources.

Students eat their own lunches or can purchase a lunch in our dining hall.

Our state of the art playground provides a fun and safe environment for children to get physical activity when they are not in class.

Student frequently attend mass and other religious services at St. John the Evangelist Church which is adjacent to the School House. St. John the Evangelist Church is part of Christ the King Parish which comprises three Concord Catholic Churches: St. John’s, Sacred Heart Church, and St. Peter’s Church.

The Pope John Paul II Activity Center is directly adjacent to the School House and is where many student, family, and alumni activities occur. Annual Auctions, Spelling Bees, Dances, and Spaghetti Suppers are just a few of the many activities that occur here.